How do I approve form letters with workflow?

Workflow is an electronic approval process that operates within the program. Each workflow definition contains the steps for a unique approval process. As one step in the process is completed, the item will move to the next assigned staff member.  

Edit the Letter | Check it in | Approve Workflow

(Optional method using the Letters Toolbar

Edit a Form Letter with Workflow

If you are receiving a workflowed item from another staff member, you might receive an email notification. If the record being workflowed to you is a form letter, it will also appear in the Workflowed folder in the Letters module. Each workflowed letter will have a workflow symbol next to it.

  1. From the Letters module, click the Workflowed folder.
  2. Select the letter code or double-click on the row to open letter details.
  3. Your task will be listed in a gray box entitled “Workflow History.” In the top right corner, you will see a few options: Edit LetterWorkflow, a dropdown arrow with additional options. (Additional options include Preview Letter,so if you just want to look at the letter without making changes, click the dropdown arrow and select Preview Letter.)
  4. For more details such as comments from other users and a full workflow history, click the Workflow button.
  5. If you need to edit the letter, click the Edit Letter button on the toolbar. This will open Word so that you can make your changes. After making your edits, save and close Word.
    NOTE: Word will appear as an icon on your task bar, so click the icon to see your document display.

Check-In a Form Letter

The DMS tracks all versions of the letter, which can be accessed at any time by selecting Version History. Checking in is also important if several people need to work on the same letter. As long as you are working on a letter, no one else can work on it at the same time. Checking it in will store the version of the letter you’re working on and make it available to other staff who may need to edit it.

  1. From the Letter Details screen, you will see a new orange Check-In button. You will now need to check your newly drafted letter into the application’s Document Management System (DMS).
  2. To check in the letter, click the orange Check-In button.

NOTE: Every time you edit the letter, you will need to check it in so that every version will be saved and tracked in the DMS.

Approve or Reject a Workflow

After editing and checking in the letter, you are now ready to either approve or reject the workflow:

  1. After completing your task, click the Workflow button. To move the workflow on to the next step, click Approve. To send the item back to a previous step for changes or additional work, click Reject and select the correct step. After that person has made his/her changes, the record will move forward through the workflow again. You will have the opportunity to leave comments. Then selectApprove or Reject.
  2. A third option is to delegate the task. If you need another staff member to complete your assigned task, select Delegate, and then choose the correct staff member from the dropdown menu. When that staff member completes the task and clicks approve, the record will come back to you for final approval.
  3. If you are not the owner of a workflow, you will have the option to Take Ownership. Add any necessary comments, and click Take Ownership.
  4. Click the Sync icon on the toolbar to refresh your folder and see the item disappear from your view. The item will move to the next assigned staff member. 

Work With A Form Letter Using The Letters Toolbar

You can optionally work with the form letter by using the buttons on the Letters toolbar. This method will not display the letter details screen will open, so you will not see instructions about what to do next; however, you will be able to work with the workflowed letter more quickly.

  1.  Select the row to highlight it. (Do not click on the letter code since that will open the letter details.)
  2. Click the Edit  button to open Word and edit your letter. (Word will display on your task bar, so click the Word icon to open the document.) Save and close Word when you’ve finished editing your letter.
  3. Click the Check-In button to check the document into the DMS.
  4. Click the Workflow button to view the workflow and approve the letter.

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