How do I edit a letter from a workflowed mail activity?

Workflow is an electronic approval process that operates within the program. Each workflow definition contains the steps for a unique approval process. As one step in the process is completed, the item will move to the next assigned staff member.

If you are receiving a workflowed item from another staff member, you might receive an email notification. If the record being workflowed to you is a correspondence activity, it will also appear in your My Mail folder.

Each workflowed activity will have a workflow symbol next to it.

  1. From the top level navigation, click Mail.
  2. Select either My Mail or Workflowed from the left navigation.
  3. Place a check in the checkbox of the appropriate workflowed activity.
  4. Click the orange Workflow icon.


5. A workflow dialog opens.

6. From the History tab view your current task (such as editing a previously created quick letter) and click the Close button when done.


7. From the right Assign panel, click the Edit Letter button to edit the response in Microsoft Word.

Note: Microsfot

8. Quick letter, click the Edit Letter button on the toolbar. This will open Word so that you can make your changes.

NOTE: Word will appear as an icon on your task bar, so click the icon to see your document display.


9.  After making your edits, Save and Close Word.

10. Click the orange Update Letter button that is located to the left of the Edit Letter button.


NOTE The CRM/CSS tracks all versions of the letter, which can be accessed at any time by selecting Version History from the Edit Letter drop-down menu. 

11. Again, you will need to click the orange Workflow icon from the selected activity.


12. The Workflow dialog will open again.

13. Click the Approve button and enter Comments. The workflow will now move to the next step/task and continue until completed.



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