How do I upload a Call List?

To upload a new call list, you need to make sure that your list meets certain criteria:
Your file should be in CSV or TXT format.

  • If your file is in CSV format, it should contain a 10 digit phone number in Column A and up to 50 characters for the name in column B. You may include additional columns, as well.
  • If your file is in TXT format, it must contain a 10 digit phone number followed by a comma, each on a separate line. Name, address, etc. can be included after the comma. Each field should be separated by a comma. If there are any empty fields, designate that by adding a comma as a place holder.
  • For uploading large files, zip the file first, and then upload the ZIP file. 

1. From the System Menu, select Files and then List Files.

2. Below all of your lists, you will see the option to Upload a New List.

3. Click Browse, to find the file on your PC.

4. When you find the file, click Open, and you will see the file path display in the field next to the Browse button.

5. Click Upload New List, and your new list will be uploaded into the system.

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