How do I create a 499 List?

Creating a 499 List allows you to randomly pull 499 contacts from the source list of your choice, and suppressing any lists. This is often used to pull 499 contacts from the general All Contacts list, while suppressing All Subscribers to reach new contacts during the blackout period before elections. You can also build 499 lists for A/B testing. If you would like to create a source list based on specific criteria, please review our "How do I create a criteria list?" Help Center article.

Log into the Constituent Gateway eNewsletter PLUS.

  1. Select Lists from the Top Navigation Menu.
  2. Click the Create a List button and Hover over the Contacts tab, select Create Lists, and then select 499 List.

After selecting 499 List, type a name for your list and select your Source List. (The default is All Contacts.) If you have lists you’d like to suppress, then select them from the Suppression Lists dropdown menu. (You suppress as many lists as you’d like.) When the form is complete, click Create List. When the list is ready, you will see a prompt to refresh your screen. Click Refresh to see your list.

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