How can I find a specific web page in the Gateway Website system?

There may be times when you come across a page on your website that you would like to edit, but you have trouble navigating to the page in the folder structure of the Gateway Website system. Below are steps that will help you quickly navigate to the backend location of your webpage.

  1. Visit your website and find the page that you ultimately want to update.
  2. View the page "source." This is the code of the webpage. To do this in Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, press CTRL + U on your keyboard.
  3. Within the source code window, press CTRL + F. This will open a search window. In the search window, search for "currentSectionID."
  4. The highlighted result will tell you the section number of the webpage. In the example below, it is section 306.
  5. Log on to the Gateway Website system. Select "Website" from the top navigation.
  6. Open any folder from the available list by clicking on the title of the folder.
  7. In the address bar of that folder, type in the currentSectionID number from step 4 above.
  8. Press "Enter" on your keyboard. This will take you directly to the page on your website that you wish to edit.
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