Why is the signature of the letters appearing as a single character?

In the signature area of the letter, there is a merge field <<SigBlock>>. When a letter is merged, it calls out to the signature font file. If the signature merge field cannot find the signature font file on your computer, it will merge with a single character instead of the actual signature font.

To resolve this issue, the signature True Type Font file will need to be installed on the local computer. If you have local administrator rights to your computer, you should be able to install the font. If you are not a local administrator on your workstation, you will need to contact your hardware vendor.

Please follow the steps below to properly install your signature font.

  1. Email iConstituent Support at, or call our Support Team at (202) 355-9339, to request the signature font file for your office.
  2. Once the True Type Font file is received, you will want to save it to your local desktop.
  3. Locate the signature font file on your local desktop, right click and choose the "Install" option. The file will install automatically to the correct location.
  4. Once this is installed successfully on the local desktop, letters will now have the signature displayed instead of a single character.
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