How should we prepare for a departing staffer who uses the program?

If the departing staffer is a part of the legislative mail process in the Signal CRM or the Constituent Gateway CSS 9 (Senate), the following settings should be checked and updated.

  1. Import channels - Update the default staffer assignment on all profiles
  2. Interest codes - Update the assigned staffer
  3. Assigned activities - Re-assign all open activities - this includes correspondence, casework, flag requests, and tour requests
  4. Workflow definitions - Update workflow definitions
  5. Print jobs - Close out any print jobs that were opened in the departing staffer’s name or ensure that remaining staff know how to transmit the open jobs
  6. User preferences - Ensure that the "Assigned Staff" portion in all folders does not have the departing staffer’s name. If the "Assigned Staff" portion is already blank, that’s fine.

Ensure that the new staffer is aware of the following processes:

  1. Mail sorting
  2. Printing/emailing activities
  3. Creating and editing form letters and quick letters
  4. Assigning casework-related correspondence to district office staff
  5. Scan imports (including digital mail)
  6. Workflow
  7. Saved search
  8. Mass mail
  9. Gateway Connect
  10. Periodic database cleanup
    1. Code table maintenance
    2. Bulk duplicate check
    3. Bulk household check
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