How do I record sound files for an iTownHall event?

Recording sound files for an announcement call or for an iTownHall is as easy as making a phone call - literally!

  1. Call 1-800-619-5518, and enter your account ID code to record a wav file. (If you are not sure of your ID code, contact
  2. To begin recording, press 1.
  3. Record at the tone and press the # key when you are finished.
  4. The recording will stop and you will hear the following options:
    • To listen to the recorded message press 1
    • To erase and re-record press 2
    • To continue the recording press 3
    • To finish recording press 4 or just hang up
    • To save and record a new message press 5

Make sure all necessary sound files are recorded 24 hours in advance of your event or announcement call.

Congressional office? See our Sound File Recording Guide for requirements, options, and scripts.

Not a Congressional office? See our Getting Started Guide for instructions and scripts.

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