How do I include a poll question in my Access Live™ event?

While you can create a new poll question on the fly during the event, most people prefer to create Preset Polls beforehand.

Create Your Poll Question

  1. Log in to Access Live™ via Firefox. Find Access Live™ in the top navigation menu and select Preset Polls from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select Create a Preset Poll from the left navigation panel.
  3. Type in your question.
  4. Check the numbers you plan to use and type in your answer. (The number corresponds with the key listening participants will press to submit their answers.)
  5. After filling in the question and answers, click the Create Poll button.


Repeat the process for all the poll questions you'd like to include. 

Include the Poll Question in Your Event

During your event, you will see a section entitled "Poll" on the left side of the screen.

To include your poll questions during your event, start by expanding the "Poll" module on the left panel.

  1. Click the Preset button.
  2. Select the desired question from the list.
  3. Click the Select Poll button.

You will read the question aloud for the participants and tell them which key to press for the correct answer. When you are ready to take the poll question down, click Save.

Your webstreaming participants will be able to see the questions and vote, as well.

You are able to include additional poll questions and even use the same one again later during the event.

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