Access Live™ Event Comparison Guide



  1. Mobile Dialing - Members of Congress can sign our mobile dialing authorization form to enable the option of dialing mobile numbers for all events. For more information regarding FCC regulations for mobile dialing, click here.)
  2. Streaming Audio (Including Slide Show) - Broadcast your event across multiple devices - desktop, tablet, mobile phone - and digital platforms, providing multiple ways for your constituents to join the conversation.
  3. SMS Event Sign Up - SMS text-to-register allows constituents to sign up for your events by texting your custom keyword to 828282.
  4. Custom Caller ID - Set up your own custom caller ID number and label that will play a pre-recorded message. (For additional information and an example script, see our article What Is Custom Caller ID?)
  5. EZ Vekeo Event Page - Accept event registrations through your dedicated Vekeo Channel and EZ Event pages which will host live content streaming during your event and provide On Demand content including social media ready clips, full audio, and audio highlights. (For more information, see What Is Vekeo?)
  6. Website Integration - Once your Vekeo Channel is set up, we can work with your web vendor to create a customize Access Live™ page that is fully integrated with your existing website.


  1. Outbound PreCall - Publicize your event with a recorded announcement call the day before the event. (For more information about set up and scripts, see Instructions for Setting up Your Announcement Call.)
  2. Unlimited Inbound Minutes - Freely distribute an inbound call number for participants.
  3. Pro Screening (2) | Screener Assist - Take advantage of up to two expert screeners for your event.
  4. Social Media Playbook & Customized Social Media Promotion Plan - You will have access to a social media strategy guide full of best practices and helpful social tips. Everything from the best times to post across multiple platforms to the different posting styles for each platform including specific information such as image dimensions. Use it to enhance social media interaction and boost registration.
  5. Live Produced Video & Equipment - You will be provided a portable video streaming kit that includes all necessary equipment to hold a Access Live™ Event that can be set up in five minutes or less. A dedicated production specialist will give your recording a professional feel as they'll take care of tasks such as transitioning between camera angles and mixing in graphic overlays during the event. You can stream live video and accept questions on your website and syndicate to Facebook and YouTube.
  6. Enhanced Data Analysis & Strategy Planning - You'll have access to an expert data and analytics team that will utilize various data collection strategies from live events to suggest the best live event topics and talking points based on constituent interests and engagement level.
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