How do I add an Attachment to a Flag or Tour request?

Use attachments to attach important documents to the request.  Attachment could be items you recieved and wish to save with the request or items you plan to send out with the request.

1. From Services, click Flags or Tours from the left navigation.

2. All open requests will display in the viewer's main panel, select the ID number of the request you wish to add the attachment.


3. The Details window opens, click the Attachment tab.


2. The Attachment panel opens on the right.

3. Enter Title and Notes.


4. Click the Paper Clip icon.

5. The Choose File to Upload dialog opens, select desired file, and click the Open button.


6. Attached file will display at the bottom of the Details screen.

7. Repeat above steps to add additional files.

8. Click the Filename link to view the attachment.


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