Updates for 7/20/17 after COB


  • A new resolution date field will be added to the case resolution dialog box to allow for the user to manually enter the close date. A use case for this feature might be if a case was resolved on 6/18/17, but you need to attach a file today, you could reopen the case and still ensure that the case's resolved date remained 6/18/17 for more accurate record keeping and reporting.
  • If a selected form letter has fill-in fields, those will now pop-up in front of the compose window. You will no longer need to drill down into settings to find them.
  • Restricted and Dangerous flags now display in the services details after relationship.

Saved Search:

  •   A new exclusion group filter provides the ability to exclude/include criteria when creating saved searches.


  • Updates to the casework reports include relabeling "Type" to "Tags" for Casework Details, Outstanding Casework Detail, and Casework Turnaround Summary.
  • The CSV download will no show the state instead of status label for Case Detail Report and Outstanding Casework Detail.
  • Under "Show/Hide" phone number will now be an option to display on the reports.
  • Casework Productivity by Month label of "Activities" has been changed to "Transactions" in the "Types" dropdown.
  • Outstanding Activity Summary report no longer displays activity types for flag, tour, and casework to accommodate the changes made in those modules.


  • An issue would occur when updating multiple cases at a time where the first casework feed would display in the second case. This has been resolved.
  • An issue occurred when transferring lists to the Gateway eNewsletter that the transfer would sometimes time out. This has been resolved.
  • The service statuses displayed in descending order (Z - A). This has been corrected to display in ascending order (A - Z).
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