Overview 3 - Exporting Records


Voter records may be exported in a wide variety of formats including mailing labels, databases, and printable lists. Once a universe has been created, they are available for downloading to your personal computer. Records may be downloaded as many times as you wish over the course of two years without additional payments.

VoterMapping provides powerful tools for analyzing voter data. Among these is the ability to make a voter selection and then create a customized spreadsheet with can be exported to Excel for additional analysis. The user chooses the format of the spreadsheet—which attribute to use as a row and which attributes to show as columns—and then generates the analysis at extremely high speeds either for all voters or for some specific subset of voters.

Video Tutorial

  1. Download Records
  2. Create a Spreadsheet

PDF Tutorial

  1. Exporting Records
  2. Analyzing Voter Data with Spreadsheets
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