Updates for 6/6/17 after COB

Thank you for your feedback on the new Casework Details screen! 

NOTE: This update is scheduled for House offices on 6/6/17.

Our team has addressed the following requests:

  1. I need to always be able to see the contact's information no matter where I am in the case. A new Contact Card will display in the top right of your case. The card will display the Primary Contact by default, but you can click on the dropdown arrow to display the other case contacts or to change the contact in the card.
    1. The primary contact displays  in the Contact Card below.
    2. Clicking the arrow will list the other contacts for easy viewing, allow you to click a link icon to go to the contact's record, or to select another contact to display in the Contact Card.6-6-b.jpg
  2. Can Social Security Number display in the case details so I don't have to click on the constituent? Important information like Social Security number or Tax ID number will now display if it has been added to the primary contact's record. (Note that this information is only visible to staff who have the privilege to view secure fields enabled.)
  3. When I click on a constituent's record and then close it, I am returned to the list of cases rather than the case I was previously viewing. Now, if you are in the Case Details screen, and you click on any link that opens a contact record, closing that record returns you to the case you were working on.
  4. Can attachments to a case display in a list for easier viewing? Can the list be sorted by name or date? When CRM 1.4 was first released, attachments were listed in a card format similar to case contacts. While this did display more information about the attachment, we've learned from users that it would be much more valuable to see more attachments at a time with less descriptive information. (The descriptive information still displays as a tool tip if you hover over the filename of an attachment.) 
    1. Clicking on the arrows next to filename or date will allow you to sort them.
    2. If you are adding a new attachment or editing an existing attachment, you will see all attachments listed.
  5. It would be helpful if there was a way to tell at a glance how a contact was related to the primary contact of a case. There is a new "Relationship" option for contacts that are associated to a case. If you view the full list of contacts in the case details, you will see a new icon that looks like 3 connected people. Clicking on this icon will allow you to add the relationship. That relationship displays as a tag next to the contact's name.
  6. I use Custom Fields. These are important to my case, so I'd like to see them at all times rather than having to click "Edit." If you have custom fields with data entered, you will now see that information appear at the top left of the case with other important information such as assignee and case tag.


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